BOEKingsvoorwaarden (en)

Booking terms Yxningens Camping
Other booking terms can apply when booking online via other channels.

Age limit for booking
You must be at least 18 years old in order to book or sign a contract with us. Identification may be required upon check in.

Booking online.
When booking online, you pay 30% in advance which is made directly at the time of booking.
The booking is binding when the payment was successful. The balance may be paid on arrival / check-in.

Booking by phone
When booking by phone, you pay 30% in advance where we send you an advance invoice via email with a payment link. The booking is binding when the invoice is paid. The balance may be paid on arrival / check-in unless otherwise agreed. If you miss the advance payment, it counts as a cancellation on your part and the cancellation policy applies. 

You can cancel by email ( Cancellation directed to anyone else will not be deemed valid.
- Cancelling more than 40 days before the arrival date you will not pay any more than a service fee of SEK 200 and we will return your (deposit) amount by bank.
- Cancelling the booking between 39 and 12 days before the arrival date, we’ll keep 25% of the (deposit) invoice amount plus a service fee of SEK 200, the rest returned by bank.
- Cancelling the booking between 11 and 2 days before the arrival date, we’ll keep 75% of the (deposit) invoice amount plus a service fee of SEK 200 the rest returned by bank.
- Cancelling the booking on the arrival date or one day before, we will keep the total amount of the (deposit) invoice.

If you have not cancelled, and you do not come to claim the booked accommodations, the camping facility will be entitled to charge you the entire amount of the rental.
Changes to different period or accommodation will be deemed to be a cancellation and new booking

Departure earlier than planned
If you choose to leave earlier than planned, no money will be refunded unless otherwise agreed with us.

Cancellation insurance
You can protect yourself against cancellation costs by buying cancellation insurance at a cost of SEK 249 per booking. Cancellation insurance may be ordered only in conjunction with booking, and will allow you to cancel up to 24 hours before the date of arrival at no cost when any of the following conditions are satisfied:

Death, sickness or serious accident affecting you, your husband/wife, cohabitant, the parents of your husband, wife or cohabitant, children, siblings or travelling companion. Other serious events beyond your control, such as extensive fire or flooding of your home, which would render it unreasonable to demand that you honour your booking. * Draft notices for induction into the armed forces or civil defence. You must be able to substantiate your impediment by a certified statement from a doctor, government agency or insurance company, for example. Certificates received more than seven (7) days after the date of cancellation will not be considered. The fee for the cancellation insurance and any booking fee will not be refunded in the event of cancellation. 

Check-in and check-out times
Cabin check-in is at 14.00 and check-out kl. 11.00 unless otherwise agreed. For a campingspot we apply a check-in/out of 15.00. If the cottage or site is not vacated in time, you will be charged for any additional costs that arise from the inability of the next guest to check in at the proper time. 

Rules of conduct
The SCR Rules of Conduct apply at this camping facility. There may be local additions regarding objects to be placed on sites, automobile parking, running electric cables, sewage tanks, and other matters, based on government agency requirements. Violation of the rules of conduct may lead to a guest being excluded from the premises. 

You yourself have the protection you consider necessary, such as liability, accident and travel insurance. If you are checked with a valid Camping Key Europe, special insurance applies in case of an accident on site.

Camping site responsibility
The campsite is responsible for damage caused to you by proven negligence by the camping host or by this employee in the context of their service obligations.
The campsite is not responsible for any damage suffered by third parties or other guests. Nor for damage that is done outside the campsite's control.

Complaints and refunds
If the leased accommodations do not comply with the description promised, this should be reported to us within 2 hours of your arrival so that we will be able to remedy the situation. We urge you to report any defects arising during your stay, without delay.